Dirty Knicker Fetish

Escorts used knickers is a fetish than is becoming more common. An escort will wear knickers for a period of time and the client will buy them. Or, she will specifically wear them during their appointment together. The client then buys them and takes them home as a souvenir. It is a perfect smelly item to remember his escort experience. Clients can receive further excitement after the escort booking by handling or smelling the escorts panties. Her panties trophy represents the exciting and intimate aroma produced by her vagina. The longer the escort wears the knickers, the messier they will be. The vaginal smell will be stronger. More vaginal discharge will be produced. The idea is that the client wants the escorts knickers to be unwashed.  

An escorts vaginal odor is arousing. With the sexual sent of an escort present in her knickers. It produces primal and animalistic urges for the client who has an escort used knicker fetish. When escorts get sexually excited, it gets their love juices flowing and makes her vagina wet. Her knickers collect all the natural juices that she produces. 

As well as vaginal odors, urine, discharge, period blood stains and skid marks can be put onto the escort’s knickers. Although a client may have an escort underwear fetish, he may get aroused by a certain substance within the panties. 

Escorts who sell their dirty knickers can make a large extra income as well as their hourly companionship wage. Clients can choose from a large selection of knickers, briefs or thongs in various colours. Some clients prefer “Bridget Jones” big knickers or granny pants.  

Each client has their special requirements for escorts used knickers. Each pair of used panties can be tailor made for the client. They can choose the following options. How long the escorts wear her dirty knickers for. The type of knickers. The colour of the knickers. The material of the knickers. What smells are required to be present in the knickers. It’s a dirty business, but clients love dirty worn panties!  

It is possible to buy dirty knickers from unknown women on the internet. But men do not know how genuine the smells and substances are on them. They could be buying dirty knickers from a dog who has peed on them. The skid marks could be cat poo. The period stains could be from a nose bleed. With escorts dirty knickers you can be present whilst she is inventing your perfect worn panties!