Adult Companions

Adult companions are called escorts. When people hear the word escorts, they automatically think of prostitutes in the guise of a female companion. Well that is certainly not always the case. There are thousands of men and women who book escorts simply for a temporary platonic friendship. Whilst escorts can offer adult intimate services, their main service is adult companionship. 

This type of Adult companion is not to be confused with those companions that help old people in their homes. They are a very different type of Adult Companion!

There are many reasons as to why a client would want an adult companion. But the onset is always because of loneliness. Sometimes a person can be surrounded by people. They may have close friendships or even a relationship, but never feel connected. Sometimes being around the wrong people can be the loneliest feeling in the world. In modern society, people are so busy with their own lives, moving areas for work, they don’t have time for others. You lose that feeling of being wanted, needed or compatible with a person. They have no meaningful person in their lives. It is estimated that half of the population in England feel lonely. Loneliness has intensified in society as modernization occurs. People don’t talk to their neighbours anymore. People talk more on social media to people that they never have or will meet. Loneliness can lead to depression, alcoholism, obesity, and suicide. 

A hug or a cuddle can be one of the best forms of therapy. But there are many times when there just isn’t anyone available to give you a friendly hug. When you’re feeling down and there is no one to pick you up and comfort you. It can be difficult to make new friends. For people who have been widowed, life can be very lonely. Eating alone just seems a pointless waste of time. Moving to a new area and literally going for weeks without talking to anyone. Disabled people who are housebound and literally have no company. Loneliness is a very unpleasant feeling. There are people who are isolated and alone.  

These people don’t need therapy or anti- depressants! What they need is a female friend who cares! Adult companions have seen a fifty percent rise in bookings. People are realising that for a small hourly fee, they don’t need to feel lonely anymore. They can book an adult companion for dinner dates. They can book an adult companion for an outcall to their homes. They can find adult companions available today to accompany them on day trips, or for an hour in a coffee shop. Even women are finding loyal adult escort companions to enjoy girly nights in. Or party companions to accompany them on a night out to the clubs and bars. Escorts are adult companions who can offer anyone company and friendship for a duration of time booked. Escort are pay as you go friendships.