Teenage escorts are over the age of legal consent. To be an escort, females must be eighteen years old or older. Therefore, to be a teenage escort, girls are eighteen or nineteen. Young escorts are considered to be over the age of eighteen and under 25 years old. Although this is a general view of the term young adult escorts. There are obviously escorts who appear to be younger than they actually are.  

Why are teenage escorts and younger escorts popular? A teenage escort is fresh into the adult industry. She is naive and had a sense of innocence. She is not experienced in escorting. She is not experienced in entertaining men. Usually young escorts are free spirited, energetic and full of fun. They have a care free attitude. They sometimes say things that are inappropriate to make the client laugh. Teenage escorts are looking to have fun and make some money, they’re not interested in being mature and responsible. So, clients don’t know exactly what to expect. But that’s the appeal! And that is the charm. 

“You’re as young as the person you feel”. Young escorts have this amazing energy that is contagious. Clients claim that being in the company of a young adult makes them feel energized. Being with a young escort makes them feel like they still have it and boosts their ego. Being with a younger model escort, can make clients feel young again, mentally and physically. Or help them to keep a youthful attitude. Age is just a number.  

Clients also like to have bookings with young or teenage escorts because they can teach them some things. Younger escorts tend to be more adventurous until they know what they do or don’t like.  They feel more manly. They feel that a young escort will be more attractive in her youthful appearance. There are normally no stretch marks from having children, or saggy boobs from breast feeding. There are no wrinkles or aging signs. 

It’s common to perceive that older men having a midlife crisis, book young escorts. There is a misconception of perverted older men booking young pretty escorts. This however is not the case. There are many teenagers and young adult clients who book escorts that are their own age. Young lads require teenage escort services too. They may need some fun in their lives. Or some sexual experience. They may have an end of university party where they require a young escort to accompany them. An eighteenth or twenty first birthday party, to make him a man. Or simply for some erotic dancing as entertainment. There are many reasons as to why young males book young escorts.  

There is a high percentage of young escorts who are studying at university. With limited free time due to intensive studying. High depts for university fees. An escort job for a young student can be the perfect solution. They can work limited hours and earn a large hourly wage, working around their studies.  

Teenage escorts and young escorts will need to prove their age. ID will be required by the escort agency who advertises them.