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  • Best methods to select an escort
    How to select an escort. Initially the process of choosing an escort can seem daunting. With thousands of beautiful females to choose from. Each one is offering different escort services. They all look amazing but are all unique. How does anyone know which one to book? Once you know how, it’s quite a simple process. […]
  • What is an Adult Companion
    Adult companions are called escorts. When people hear the word escorts, they automatically think of prostitutes in the guise of a female companion. Well that is certainly not always the case. There are thousands of men and women who book escorts simply for a temporary platonic friendship. Whilst escorts can offer adult intimate services, their […]
  • Worn Knicker Fetish
    Escorts used knickers is a fetish than is becoming more common. An escort will wear knickers for a period of time and the client will buy them. Or, she will specifically wear them during their appointment together. The client then buys them and takes them home as a souvenir. It is a perfect smelly item to remember […]